Eating Your Way around the World with Satyabrata Chatterjee

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Who doesn’t love to eat? Whether it’s a gourmet meal or your favorite comfort food, eating is most people’s favorite activity. So when you combine your love for travel, good food, and social media, what do you get: the travelling-Instagramming-foodie. Satyabrata Chatterjee is a self-proclaimed traveling foodie who obviously uses social media to his benefit.

One thing Satyabrata Chatterjee has noticed is that many people like to debate which country has the best food. China? Ireland? The United States? While we can’t name a true winner since every country has their own particular style of cooking and favorite delicacies, we can list a few of the best countries where you can get your grub on.

If you’re a big beef eater, you won’t find that on the menu here. Instead, you will find substitutes like goat and your basics like chicken and veal. Traditional Indian food uses some of the best spices and flavors you will taste in the world. And you can’t have a meal without naan, their traditional bread.

The cuisine in the Philippines is particularly good as it is a culmination of food and cooking styles from India, Spain, China, and the United States. It’s a melting pot of some of the most favored countries to eat and travel. If you’re there, try Puchero, a different yet surprisingly likable mixture of bananas, beef, and tomato sauce.

Many people never thing to put places like the Ukraine on their lists for food traveling, but it definitely belongs. Ukraine’s style of cooking just screams comfort food. They believe in using a lot of fat, pastries, and mixtures of flavors that truly makes their cooking food unique.

Last, but certainly not least is the beautiful country of France and their taste for all things fine. Not just cheeses and wines, but chocolate, macaroni, onion cake and much more can be attributed to the France. With such delicious foods on their map, it’s no surprise they’re considered the gourmet capital of the world.

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